Palmetto Fishing Guide
South Carolina Bass Fishing, South Carolina Fishing Guide
Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishing on Lake Murray and Clarks Hill Lake

Over 10 years experience in tournament bass fishing
Norm was on the Orlando Wilson Fishing Show, fishing at Lake Murray.
He was also BFL Angler of the Year in 2001 for the Carolina Division.

All equipment and tackle is furnished.  You will need to bring your
fishing license, food, drinks, sunblock and camera.
RATES: $350.00 for up to 2 people
(Boat is limited to 2 people)
Call  for Times and Availability

Charges for oral contraceptives.

Many students could change to generics but specialists said they could still pay twice the previous rate. And generics won’t function for everyone. ‘Only the brand names that haven’t got generic equivalents are the kind that function for them without significant unwanted effects,’ Jessop told CBS News. ‘It’s terrible, because these are students who are working very hard to cover their tuition and books at a time when tuition costs are edging up as well,’ stated Linda Lekawski, director of the university health middle at Texas A&M, where the old price for birth control pills around $15 monthly is expected to triple. Continue reading

Baby Bust: U.

Baby Bust: U .S. Births Drop 2 percent in 2008 America’s baby boomlet is showing indications of tapering off. U.S. Births in 2008 dropped almost 2 % from 2007 – the initial annual decline in births because the start of the decade, regarding to brand-new federal data. It’s not apparent what triggered the decline, however the nation’s economic depression may experienced something regarding it. In December 2007 Because the recession began, the economy has dropped almost 7 million jobs. Casing foreclosures worsened in 2007 too, and fell right into a condition of crisis in 2008. The biggest decline in births in 2008 had been in Florida and California, two states strike hardest by the casing crisis. Continue reading

The largest Hispanic-owned drugstore chain in the U.

Navarro caters to Hispanic and ethnic marketplaces and further differentiates themselves by providing many products and services that are not found in traditional drugstores such as wireless phones, developer fragrances and a large range of over-the-counter vitamins and medications.. CVS Caremark enters into definitive contract to obtain Navarro Discount Pharmacy CVS Caremark today announced that it has entered right into a definitive agreement to acquire the possessions of Miami-based Navarro Price cut Pharmacy, the largest Hispanic-owned drugstore chain in the U.S. Continue reading

The method includes extracts from medicinal mushrooms.

‘Our results are extremely exciting because we obviously demonstrate the suppression of breasts to lung tumor metastasis linked to the inhibition of particular pro-metastatic genes in human being tumors,’ says Daniel Sliva, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Medication and lead author in the scholarly study. Related StoriesStudy shows uncommon HER2 missense mutations usually do not spread breasts cancer on the ownFDA grants accelerated authorization for Tagrisso to take care of individuals with advanced NSCLCMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy medications not effective for most pancreatic tumor patientsResearchers implanted extremely invasive, triple-negative human breasts cancer cells in mice, that have been then given the method orally for a month. Continue reading

Animal Bite Causes Pet bites are either provoked or unprovoked usually.

This kind of information is essential to health care professional taking care of the bite beside in certain animal species ‘unprovoked’ bites can be a sign or indicator that the animal has rabies and needs to be either captured, quarantined or very monitored closely.. Animal Bite Causes Pet bites are either provoked or unprovoked usually. A provoked bite would take place if a person teases a dog or tries to get rid of the dog`s food as the doggie is consuming. An unprovoked bite may occur if the individual are sitting in their backyard and a raccoon runs out from the woods and attacks them for no known reason. A stray puppy that approaches a person and begins to bite them will be considered unprovoked. Continue reading

Alpha-Adrenergic Stimulators This class of medicines includes midodrine and pseudoephedrine.

Alpha-Adrenergic Stimulators This class of medicines includes midodrine and pseudoephedrine . Alpha-adrenergic medications mimic activities of the sympathetic anxious system, which controls numerous involuntary body functions. Although not really approved by the U .S. Food and Drug Administration for use in bladder control complications, these drugs have already been prescribed to treat stress incontinence. How alpha-adrenergic stimulators work: These drugs help the bladder to keep urine by constricting the sphincter muscles and calming the bladder wall. Continue reading

S life while comfortable and dignified seeing that possible.

Although conducted around veterans at heart, their findings can possess a wider impact, because so many Americans will ultimately die within the inpatient setting up of a medical center or nursing home. THE VERY BEST Practices for End-of-Life Look after Our Countries' Veterans trial was carried out at six Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, where over 1,620 workers received trained in various procedures of care highly relevant to the dying. Continue reading

America is heading into a time of pension poverty.

You will see no money left to improve our colleges, defend our country from its enemies, clean our environment, or fix our bridges and roads, says Josten. Smith is more dire – and direct. He doesn’t see a repair that won’t involve some sort of Greek-style collapse, though he doesn’t mention Greece particularly. Regardless of what was promised, what can not be paid will not be paid, he wrote.. America is heading into a time of ‘pension poverty,’ economist warns A noted author and freelance economist has made a frightening, yet eminently logical conclusion: America’s pensioners – those who receive Public Security or other authorities entitlement – are going to enter a time of pension poverty identical to that being experienced by the broke countries of Europe. Continue reading

Decreased levels of testosterone influence your desire to have lovemaking.

Causes for low testosterone levels include poor prostate features, diseases, psychological complications like depression, stress and anxiety, medicine abuse, excessive hands practice, poor nutrition, weight problems, smoking, alcoholic beverages intake, abusive sexual behavior and growing age group. Testosterone in sufficient quantity is essential for upbeat working of male reproductive organs. Women want these sex hormones in little quantity also. To be able to alike help men and women, many prominent firms have unveiled advanced herbal remedies like Musli Kaunch capsules, which may be the best herbal fix for low testosterone problem. Natural aphrodisiacs and effective herbs in these herbs increase testosterone naturally. These natural testosterone improvement pills also offer effective get rid of for sexual disorders such as lack of semen count, low semen volume, semen leakage, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Continue reading

Said research director Vineet Arora.

Great things about naps for medical residents The first study to measure the great things about naps for medical residents during extended shifts discovered that creating protected occasions when interns could sleep throughout a night on-call significantly reduced fatigue . This is a successful approach to alleviating fatigue in sectors that combine high strength with lengthy shifts, said research director Vineet Arora, M.D., instructor of medication at the University of Chicago, however is provides been neglected by the main one industry that research sleep. Our results display a well timed nap can offer a substantial boost in physician focus and take away a few of the burden of chronic rest deprivation. The experts studied 38 first-yr medical residents on the overall medicine program at the University of Chicago Medical center from July 2003 to June 2004. Continue reading

It eliminates the cumbersome and time-eating manual transfer of pictures by CDs.

These nerves want regular flow of energy for his or her proper functioning. When the nerves become weak and when they do not really perform well, occurs in men nightfall. What is nightfall? Nightfall is nothing, but the discharge of seminal fluid involuntarily when a guy is fast asleep. Even though, involuntary leakage can occur when a man will not ejaculate for long automatically, if it frequently happens, it might be caused due to nervous weakness or damage to the nerves in the genital passage in males. Continue reading

Aspirin for cardiovascular system prevention is less costly.

Aspirin for cardiovascular system prevention is less costly, more effective Using aspirin for cardiovascular system prevention is less expensive and more effective than doing nothing in men more than 45 with more than ten % 10-year-risk of the condition, according to a report by researchers at RTI International, University of Michigan, and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The scholarly study, published on-line in the Archives of Internal Medicine, used a Markov model to compare the outcomes and costs of prescribing low-dose aspirin alone, aspirin plus a proton-pump inhibitor, or no treatment for coronary heart prevention. Continue reading

ArQule to present positive tivantinib Phase 2 clinical data for hepatocellular carcinoma ArQule.

Previously announced top-collection data from the HCC trial demonstrate that treatment with tivantinib created a statistically significant 56 % improvement in TTP in the intent-to-treat populace by central radiology review, the principal endpoint in this trial. Adverse occasions were reported at similar rates in the placebo and treatment arms, except for an increased incidence of fatigue and hematologic events, including anemia and neutropenia, in tivantinib-treated patients. The incidence of hematologic occasions declined following dose reduction of tivantinib from 360 milligrams twice daily to 240 milligrams twice daily. Fine instances are Central Daylight Time. Oral Presentation Date and time: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 5:00 PM – 5:15 PM Abstract number: 4006 Poster name: Tivantinib versus placebo in individuals with hepatocellular carcinoma who failed one systemic therapy: Results of a randomized managed phase II trial Presenter: Lorenza Rimassa, MD Area: E Hall D1 Poster Discussion Sessions Time and time: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Abstract quantity: 4545 Poster title: Security and efficacy of MET inhibitor tivantinib combined with sorafenib in sufferers with renal cell carcinoma from a stage 1 study Poster plank # 24 Presenter: Igor Puzanov, MD Location: E450a Date and period: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 1:15 PM – 5:15 PM Abstract amount: 8519 Poster title: Safety and efficacy of MET inhibitor tivantinib coupled with sorafenib in individuals with NRAS wild-type or mutant melanoma from a phase 1 study Poster table # 8 Presenter: Julie A. Continue reading

Just before hitting the beach.

Just before hitting the beach, learn the signs of skin cancer With summer arriving at a close, the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology has published a fresh brochure to help the general public understand the signs or symptoms of epidermis cancer along with learn the procedure options for the condition. As the skin is subjected to sunlight and various other dangerous ultraviolet rays, it really is susceptible to developing among the three main types of skin tumor: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell melanoma and carcinoma uses . Continue reading

Chemical contamination in environment.

The environmental spread of pharmaceuticals is totally ignored by the Food and Drug Administration , permitting these man-made pills to everywhere end up, including our drinking water. The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, which hasn’t been up to date since its creation, excludes pesticides and drugs. Under the law, the EPA is required to preserve a registry of commercial compounds that may be possibly toxic, but advanced safety testing of those materials is not needed, according to a report by THE BRAND NEW York Times. Congress has not sent an environmental law to the president’s desk in 18 years Only a fraction of the estimated 84,000 compounds registered have been tested for their safety on humans, prompting scientists and environmental organizations to demand serious revisions, in which the risk assessments of suspect substances are performed. Continue reading