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The release may be the latest revise of the Elder Financial Security Regular Index.

Even in Kern County, the county with the lowest Elder Index ranking, genuine costs soon add up to $6,447 more than the FPL’s nationwide, one-size-fits-all amount of $10,830 per year. ‘One size does not fit all,’ said Steven P. Wallace, Ph.D., associate director of the UCLA Middle for Health Policy Analysis and the lead author of ‘Older Adults Need Twice the Federal Poverty Level to Make Ends Meet in California,’ the policy brief containing the new data.Obama is well-known for the White Home organic backyard, for speaking out against childhood obesity and for better diet in college lunches. She’s the President’s closest confidante. Therefore we’re calling on her to inform President Obama: Maintain your word. Listen to the people, not the corporations. Do the right thing. We might not be able to modification the President’s mind with this petition. But we promise we’ll get his interest and hold him accountable – in an election year – for what he promised us four years ago.