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Cannabis compound may end the spread of breast cancer cells A compound found in cannabis may end up being able to helping stop the spread of breast cancers cells throughout the body. That’s the finding of a fresh research published in the latest issue of the journal Molecular Tumor Therapeutics cialis contraindications . The scholarly study, by researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center Study Institute, is raising wish that CBD, a substance within Cannabis sativa, may be the first nontoxic agent to show promise in treating metastatic types of breast cancer. McAllister, Ph.D., a cancer researcher at CPMCRI and the lead author of the study.

Furthermore the data is collected over a brief period of time and should be entered, reviewed and cleaned quickly before subjects can move on in the trial and data validation should be done in real time. Until the introduction of Cantab Connect, patient assessments were typically conducted with time-eating pen and paper questionnaires, which are inclined to costly data mistakes. With touch-screen data entry, automatic scoring and cleaning coupled with cloud-based storage, connection and real-time data access, Cantab Connect CTIS-AL accelerates the trial procedure by enabling multi-site studies to run efficiently and produces high quality, reproducible data resulting in the rise popular for the product. Nick Kerton, CEO of Cambridge Cognition, said: The immediate effect of Cantab Connect CTIS-AL shows there exists a clear market dependence on enhanced assessment items and reinforces our decision to spotlight clinical trials that deal with Individual Abuse Liability, drug characterisation and safety.