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Based on the authors, only 4 % reduction in fish essential oil would significantly reduce the quantity of wild fish had a need to create 1 pound of salmon from 5 pounds to just 3.9 pounds. On the other hand, reducing fishmeal use by 4 % would have very little environmental influence, they stated. Reducing the amount of fish essential oil in the salmon’s diet definitely gets you a lot more bang for the buck than reducing the amount of fishmeal, Naylor said. Our thirst for long-chain omega-3 oils will continue steadily to put a whole lot of stress on marine ecosystems, unless we soon develop commercially viable alternatives. Related StoriesSt. Michael's Hospital research finds that cholesterol-reducing diet also lowers bloodstream pressureResearch identifies liver pathway that contributes to unwanted effects of high-fat, high-cholesterol processed foods dietOne nights sleep deficiency and six months on high-fat diet could both impair insulin sensitivityNaylor and her co-authors pointed to several fish-feed substitutes becoming investigated, including protein made from livestock and grain byproducts, and long-chain omega-3 natural oils extracted from single-cell microorganisms and genetically modified property plants.