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, a biopharmaceutical advancement and acquisition company, today announced that it has signed a exclusive worldwide license agreement with the University of California, for worldwide rights to develop, commercialize and marketplace a universal donor blood product derived from embryonic stem cells produced by UCSD Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics Dr. Ewa Carrier. The red bloodstream cells possess the potential to serve as a synthetic human blood substitute and can be mass-created in vitro. We have had potential companions express interest in this type of product already, and we’ve plans underway to determine a new subsidiary company to develop the product and line up advisors and additional partners.’ ‘This type of product addresses a significant global want,’ said Carrier. ‘Worldwide, there are shortages of 75-90 million systems of blood each year, and only 4.3 % of the world population has the universal blood donor type.‘Rush is doing great from getting our patients from the entranceway of a healthcare facility to fixing the issue,’ he says. ‘We are able to do better still as a town if we are able to get patients who want thrombectomy even faster to the hospitals that may provide that care.’.

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