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National Glaucoma Research Glaucoma is certainly several diseases that harm the eye's optic nerve and can result in vision reduction and blindness. With early detection, the condition can be were able to drive back vision loss-yet an estimated fifty % of the three million people who have glaucoma in the U.S. Might not know they have the condition. Researchers are trying to improve methods to study the changes in vision pressure that happen with this disease. Automated gene mapping techniques will search for genes involved with inherited forms of glaucoma. Scientists will target a fresh glaucoma gene managing a protein linked to the death of retinal ganglion cells.The researchers conclude that despite the increased risk posed by cannabis to car drivers, alcohol remains to be the substance most within crashes often. The observed association between crash and alcohol risk is more significant than that for cannabis, the study adds. Nonetheless it is usually unclear whether road side drug testing is effective, argues Hall in a separate commentary in the BMJ. The problem, argues Hall, is certainly that roadside drug testing provides been modeled on the achievement of random breath screening, but hasn’t been evaluated or implemented with the same rigor.