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To the prince in disguise.

Amphibian skin secretions can reveal amazing medicinal properties Frog-skin treatments Frogs place in culture ranges from the wise, to the prince in disguise. But it is the proven fact that a frog can produce life-saving medicine that’s the subject of an international research project including Professor Chris Shaw and co-workers at Queen’s University Belfast, in Northern Ireland. They can see proteins in frog skins that may be used to take care of cancer, diabetes, transplant and strokes individuals by regulating the growth of blood vessels. The group is in a competition against time as the number of frog species is rapidly declining.Daniel L. Davis can be a hero in the eyes of many, because he has the intestinal fortitude to inform the American people what our senior armed service and civilian leaders have chosen to ignore – namely, that the words ‘progress’ and ‘Afghanistan,’ in a military feeling, don’t belong in the same sentence. Davis, a four-combat-tour veteran who has offered up an improved strategy for Afghanistan in the past, says in a released assessment of his latest tour in 2011 that recently, after greater than a decade of battle, he ‘witnessed the lack of success on just about any level’ in the U.S. And NATO work to beat back the Taliban-led insurgency and develop actually basic-level governmental providers for the people.