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Apparently the term healthy is relative.

The 2 2.4 ounce serving of Apple Fries has 35 calories, compared to a small serving of Burger King french fries that has 230 calories and 13 grams of fat, based on the Burger King website. The apples are grown in the U.S., cut and packaged in a sterile environment, and treated with a pre-wash which has lemon to maintain them from turning dark brown. They don’t tell you what else the pre-wash contains. Not bad, except when you realize that the majority of the diet of an apple is normally contained in its pores and skin.That’s where Slimfy’s proven weight loss program can be far better than other medication or supplements available for sale. The three-stage program shall help cleanse lever, normalize bile flow, reduce fat absorption in to the body fat cells and regulate cholesterol and lipid metabolism. Apart from this, it reduces stress and regulates the body’s insulin level, leading to reduced presence of cholesterol.

ColoPrint aids prediction of colorectal malignancy relapse By Helen Albert A novel microarray-based 18-gene expression tool referred to as ColoPrint significantly improves prognostic precision in stage II cancer of the colon patients who’ve undergone surgery, suggest study findings. The researchers, Iris Simon and co-workers, say that their results, offered at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Achieving in Chicago, USA, may help clinicians to recognize higher-risk patients who may need extra treatment at an early on stage to prevent relapse.