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Bandage that uses collagen and peptides.

While we remain extremely centered on commercializing our business lead product, Or-cell, having the ability to leverage our primary technology to create other licensing opportunities relevant to other marketplaces, is in keeping with our business program and one which may be worth improving for Ortec.’, we are gratified our primary technology affords us possibilities in other areas that may also end up being profitable.. Bandage that uses collagen and peptides, capable of recovery wounds and regenerating tissue Hapto-Biotech, an Israeli start-up organization, and New York-structured Ortec International Inc., possess joined forces to build up a bandage with the capacity of recovery wounds and regenerating cells, using a unique mix of peptides and collagen.New research published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Medicine shows that caffeine is linked to low birth weight infants and that caffeine from espresso in linked to increasing amount of pregnancy. Along with oxygen and nutrients, caffeine feely passes the placental barrier, however the developing embryo does not express the enzymes necessary to inactivate it effectively. The WHO currently suggests a limit of 300mg each day during pregnancy however, many countries suggest a limit of 200mg, which can be less than a single cup of coffee from some traditional cafes. To investigate the effect of maternal caffeine during pregnancy on babies, a research team from the Norwegian Institute for Community Health used information about mother's birth and diet information collected over ten years.