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However they are also used for many other purposes.

Despite disappointing research findings, clinicians have not really given up on the use of antipsychotic medications for dementia. Dr. Michael Miller, editor in chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter notes, If medication use is necessary, it makes sense to start out at a low dose and increase it gradually. The need to continue the medication should be evaluated regularly. Clinicians are advised to document their reasons for prescribing the medication and their understanding of the dangers and benefits. Also in this issue: Rethinking post-traumatic tension disorder Psychotherapy for bipolar disorder Psychological vs. Physical pain Clock gene and bipolar disorder The Harvard Mental Wellness Letter is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical College, for $59 each year.Drs. Carbone and Yang, the lead authors, state that to test this hypothesis, they are organizing a clinical trial in a remote area in Cappadocia right now, Turkey, where over 50 percent of the population dies of malignant mesothelioma. If the full total results are positive, the approach will be extended to cohorts of asbestos-exposed individuals in the U.S. This research emphasizes the role of irritation in causing various kinds of cancers and novel clinical tools to recognize exposed individuals and prevent or decrease tumor development. The researchers query if you’ll be able to prevent mesothelioma, like colon cancer, by taking aspirin or equivalent drugs that stop inflammation simply.