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In terms of improving blood circulation in blocked arteries before a revascularisation procedure.

Ambulance administration of antiplatelet medication can help heart attack patients Ambulance administration of the antiplatelet medicine ticagrelor to sufferers with a type of heart attack known as ST segment elevation myocardial infarction isn’t better than hospital administration, in terms of improving blood circulation in blocked arteries before a revascularisation procedure, today according to a fresh study presented at ESC Congress 2014 www . However, results from the ATLANTIC research show that the sooner administration of ticagrelor may prevent stent thrombosis – which is normally clotting within the tube that is inserted during revascularisation to keep the artery open up. Pre-hospital administration of additional anti-clotting agents such as fibrinolytics or glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors provides been associated with improved coronary reperfusion and additional outcomes in STEMI patients, and we know there is benefit to in-medical center therapy with ticagrelor in comparison with clopidogrel in STEMI sufferers when they are stented, said investigator Gilles Montalescot, M.D., Ph.

Amazing 3D technology assists save baby’s life Martha Perez was 6 months pregnant when doctors discovered her baby suffered from a life-threatening and rare center defect. Perez said she was warned her daughter, Esther, may only surpass 10 minutes after being born. ‘I was shocked,’ stated a tearful Perez. ‘I was crying and crying.’ after Perez offered birth Soon, doctors were able to temporarily reconstruct Esther’s center. Surgery to permanently repair the baby’s flood blood circulation, however, came two months ago just, in part, thanks to a life-size model that was created of Esther’s heart. A 3D software and printing company, Materialise, built the near reproduction using Esther’s MRI scans. Richard Kim, a cardiac surgeon with Children’s Hospital LA, then used the model as a guide to plan the required repairs to Esther’s center.