Palmetto Fishing Guide
South Carolina Bass Fishing, South Carolina Fishing Guide
Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishing on Lake Murray and Clarks Hill Lake

Over 10 years experience in tournament bass fishing
Norm was on the Orlando Wilson Fishing Show, fishing at Lake Murray.
He was also BFL Angler of the Year in 2001 for the Carolina Division.

All equipment and tackle is furnished.  You will need to bring your
fishing license, food, drinks, sunblock and camera.
RATES: $350.00 for up to 2 people
(Boat is limited to 2 people)
Call  for Times and Availability

Andrea Mitchell reveals breasts cancer diagnosis Andrea Mitchell has breasts cancer.

The American Cancer Culture has more on breasts cancer.. Andrea Mitchell reveals breasts cancer diagnosis Andrea Mitchell has breasts cancer. The veteran NBC correspondent made that jarring revelation on the surroundings Wednesday, stating the malignancy hadn’t spread and that her prognosis was excellent. Images – 8 mammogram truths every woman must know ‘I had planned to be trekking in Wyoming last week but instead discovered that I am among the main one in eight women in the country – incredibly, one in eight – who’ve had breast malignancy,’ she stated during her MSNBC display, ‘Andrea Mitchell Reports.’ Mitchell, 64, said her cancer had been detected during routine screening, and urged women to get screened. ‘Screening works,’ she said. ‘Do it.’ But does it certainly? The effectiveness of mammography provides been called into question by recent study. Continue reading

Apartment dwellers experience higher rates of damage substantially.

Apartment dwellers face higher injury risk Compared to individuals who live in single-family or detached homes, apartment dwellers experience higher rates of damage substantially, according to a fresh study from Wales site . People who lived in flats had twice the risk of any kind of injury, said lead researcher Ronan Lyons, whose study showed that apartment citizens had a twofold upsurge in risk from burns and scalds and a sixfold upsurge in poisonings. Home accidents were exceptionally common overall, stated Lyons, a professor of community wellness at the University of Wales Swansea. Continue reading

Are there gender differences in management modalities?

The ESC also works carefully with the European Commission and WHO to boost health plan in the EU.. Are there gender differences in management modalities? There are major differences in the chance characteristics and profile of female patients treated for acute heart failure. Female individuals are underrepresented in general management trials on Heart Failure. Relating to data from the Euro Center Survey on acute Heart Failure 2004-2005 in Europe, however, medical treatment offers improved. Differencies in gender profile in acute heart failure Female sufferers are normally 6 years older than male subjects. Smoking simply because risk factor is present just in 15.7 percent of females in comparison to 60 percent in male subjects. Consequently COPD was reported in mere 15 percent of females versus 22 percent of male subjects. Continue reading

California bottling drinking water during worst drought ever sold There can be an outdated saying.

NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti recently warned that California’s water reservoirs have just one calendar year staying before a catastrophic collapse. In his own words, as published in the LA Occasions: [T]he state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic back-up supply, groundwater, is disappearing rapidly. California does not have any contingency arrange for a persistent drought. [Groundwater] pumping rates are excessive and unsustainable. Wells are running dry. In a few certain specific areas of the Central Valley, the land can be sinking by one foot or more per yr. It isn’t just that no fresh water, via rain or snow, is getting into California, but that underground aquifers and various other former backup resources are running dry also. Continue reading

On Thursday the companies said.

Cigna to increase supplemental health insurance offerings with acquisition Cigna plans to get a supplemental health insurance device from American Financial Group for $295 million to increase its Medicare and other supplemental insurance offerings. Reuters: Cigna To Acquire Great American Supplemental Benefits Insurer Cigna Corp plans to obtain American Financial Group’s supplemental health insurance unit for around $295 million in cash, on Thursday the companies said. Cigna said the deal to acquire Great American Supplemental Benefits provides significant possibilities for growth, including growing Medicare and individual supplemental offerings to Cigna customers . Continue reading

Care and Support Expenses could transform the lives of elderly and disabled people in UK Jon Rouse.

The bill is now at the second consultation stage and may pass into legislation this full year. If it will, it might lift the burden of people living longer. Speaking specifically to ITN Productions' Healthcare News Channel, Mr Rouse said: It [the bill] is a flexible framework that establishes privileges, it establishes portability of assessments between different regional authority areas and it’ll enable us to set the threshold for eligibility for treatment. Related StoriesLewy Body Composite Risk Rating detects LBD and Parkinson's disease dementia in three minutesDesigning musical instruments, other creative activities can improve standard of living in people who have dementiaHealthcare technology sociable event of the entire year opens entries We don't know for certain what we're have to in five, seven, ten years , he went on. Continue reading

Chest X-rays proven useless for preventing lung cancer.

As very clear from the info, the authors concluded, Annual screening with upper body radiograph did not reduce lung malignancy mortality compared with usual care. Of course it didn’t! It hasn’t for over the 40 years of analysis allocated to this topic so why do we believe irradiating 75,000 people in a new and improved multi-million dollar study will prove otherwise? non-etheless, researchers insist on subjecting people to ionizing radiation and can not give up the notion that irradiating people may be the response to lung cancer avoidance. Continue reading

Australia and the United Kingdom by publicly funding smoking cessation pharmacotherapies.

Fully financing these equipment in Canada you could end up a gain of just one 1.9 million life-years, at a cost of $220 for every life-year gained, which is a bargain weighed against other health interventions. Related StoriesSmoking cessation medication 46 percent effective in womenPublic health policies targeting smokers may actually have opposite effect, study findsHenry Ford Medical center pulmonologist advocates for raising the smoking age to 21Currently, only Quebec funds all smoking cessation pharmacotherapies publicly, and just the Yukon and Prince Edward Island reimburse for at least one product. Continue reading

Veterinary and medical science.

Furthermore, sleep disordered inhaling and exhaling was also frequent in children with nonspecific headache and in children who were overweight.. CSIRO’s RNAi ‘gene silencing’ patents strengthened The patent scenery for RNAi ‘gene silencing’ – including CSIRO’s hairpin RNAi technology – has been significantly clarified following the resolution of many opposition and re-examination cases in Australia. RNAi-structured gene silencing offers been hailed among the most significant advances in biological and medical research recently. Hairpin RNAi is used widely as a research tool to recognize the function of genes in vegetation and animals and has large scope for developing novel traits for make use of in agriculture, veterinary and medical science. Continue reading

Run the chance of loss of life or grave disability.

Once they’ve perfected this program, the researchers shall talk about it with hospitals, community health firms and other healthcare agencies. Besides providing the PowerPoint slides for classroom make use of, they could someday use communication technology to give the demonstration a broader reach, Stewart Fahs says. There must be a way, through cellular phone apps or some type of Internet application, to understand this message out to ladies once it’s completely developed and examined. Stewart Fahs, Kalman and Wells wish that the outcomes of their latest study includes better outcomes for even more female victims of coronary attack. Continue reading

The Next-Gen IT security software program publisher.

Related StoriesLoyola Medicine, Palos Community Medical center jointly start innovative telemedicine programBoston Children's and Rock Health synergy to accelerate advancement of pediatric wellness technologiesGlan Clwyd Hospital N Wales spend money on Esaote's G-Scan MRI device for weight-bearing scanningOpenTrust CNS provides a secure platform for centralizing the electronic exchange of files of most types and sizes. It guarantees the traceability of all actions and the confidentiality of all data exchanged among a nearly limitless quantity of users. The full-featured, intuitive web-based interface of OpenTrust CNS makes the answer user friendly for all our hospital staff. stated Bertrand Roudot, Systems administrator at CHUV. Continue reading

Researchers statement.

Peripartum cardiomyopathy typically takes place within the last month of being pregnant or the first couple of months after delivery. Medical indications include shortness of breath, when lying down particularly, as excess liquid congests the lung area and all of those other body. The suffocating backlog is certainly due to an enlarged, stiff center muscle that no more pumps efficiently. Medicines can improve pumping effectiveness. About half the right time, the problem spontaneously reverses nonetheless it could cause debilitation and death, with mortality rates which range from 15-56 %. Continue reading

Poor sleepers also had worse assessment of their own skin and facial appearance.

The extensive research team, led by Principal Investigator Elma Baron, MD, shown their data this spring at the International Investigative Dermatology Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland within an abstract titled ‘Effects of Sleep Quality on Skin Maturing and Function.’ ‘Our study may be the initial to conclusively show that inadequate sleep is correlated with reduced skin health insurance and accelerates pores and skin ageing. Sleep deprived ladies show symptoms of premature epidermis aging and a decrease in their skin's capability to recover after sun publicity,’ said Dr. Baron, Director of the Skin Study Center at UH Case INFIRMARY and Associate Professor of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Continue reading

Better outcomes for check tube babies Over the past 2 decades.

Over the analysis period, the researchers discovered that fewer singleton infants conceived through fertility remedies had been born with a minimal birth weight around 5.5 pounds or suprisingly low birth weight . In addition they found that the prices for stillbirths and deaths within the 1st year of existence dropped for both singletons and twins conceived through fertility remedies. Prices of premature birth in Sweden for singletons and twins conceived with fertility remedies dropped from almost 28 % between 1988 and 1992 to 13 % between 2003 and 2007. Continue reading

Expenses Nyes logic: Rape.

Cherishing existence is about the duty of reproduction. It’s about encouraging healthy relationships. Provided that the unlawful trafficking of fetal organs proceeds at Planned Parenthood, women will not be empowered. They’ll be misled and coerced into abortions that affect them on an psychological level for a long time to come. As Expenses Nye and Planned Parenthood cling with their ego, with no expect humanity, an increasing number of people are learning there are better methods available that treat females, guys and the most vulnerable in culture with utmost dignity, care and love. Source used: Expenses Nye’s logic: Rape, murder and pedophilia ought to be legal because ‘You can’t tell people how to proceed!’ Bill Nye, ‘the science guy,’ includes a expressed phrase of advice for individuals who cherish life — he believes there must be no laws and regulations protecting life or home because ‘you can’t inform people how to proceed.’ In a fresh video, Costs Nye defends Prepared Parenthood and the unlawful sale of organs harvested meticulously from the wombs of females and offered to biotech businesses. Continue reading